lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011


Life is like the Earth, spinning and spinning and we don’t know when it will stop.
Sometimes we have a feeling regarding something or someone and we don’t know whether to stay calm or react.
Some say that forgiving is wise, others state that is better to stay way from those who have hurt or harm you.. Walking through my short way in this life I’ve learned a lot about people and I can tell my friends who read me that a lot has been written about the same topic by psychologists, doctors, mediums, tarot readers, but nobody tries to talk with people and tell them their problems.
I have no secrets, I’m an open book, Why having secrets  if warms will eat them all, why hiding ideas if maybe they could be better when someone listen to them and give you his or her ideas to succeed.
I don’t want to be another blogger trying to say people what’s right or what’s wrong, I said at the beginning that I will share my ALOHA around all my readers.
This weekend was une weekend pas comme les autres, I went back in time and spend a nice time remembering bad but mostly good moments I had with someone, someone once I insulted because I thought that I was right and I was a wrong.
I made up my mind and invited him over because I wanted to apologize, and from the bottom of my heart I apologize and his answer was” I forgive u since the first days because I knew u were in a mistake”.

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